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right now at 11:00, saving bay area families a bundle. things get personal. barbara boxer takes on carly fiorina in the crucial fight of their campaign. first, a lover's jealous rage ends in a deadly rampage tonight. the final phone call for help. good evening, i'm lisa kim. >> and i'm tom sinkovitz. a trail of blood and death. and tonight a possible motive
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behind a killing spree in the east bay. four people are dead. their connection, wha led to the murderous rage is unclear, but it might have started with jealousy. >> we have two reports for you. our george kitiyama is live in vallejo. first, jean elie with new information we've just learned. >> reporter: lisa, this investigation is still developing. vallejo and hercules police are still working, but they say a lover's rage led to murder. >> it's so sad because she would never get to see her son get married or be a grandmother, you know. she'll never get to travel the way that she talked about. >> reporter: sandra is heartbroken and confused. her friend and coworker, 46-year-old cindy tranh, is dead. police say her boy friend kidnapped and killed her.
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tranh left her jb in valleob in tuesday night. >> she made contact with a relative and advised them that efron had taken her by force. >> reporter: police say pleasant hill police spotted his car. chp officers shot and killed him inside a supermarket. tranh was dead in the front passenger seat. police say she had severe injuries to her head and neck. lay says tranh loved him, but she noticed a change in him over recent months. >> the first couple years, the first year when they started dating, he was really nice. you know, just the last few months, it's just been really weird. his attitude's kind of changed. >> reporter: police say four days before he killed tranh, he murdered 73-year-old ricardo solace in this house in hercules.
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tranh owned the house and rented rooms to solace and his son, frederick. police believe he thought something romantic was going on and he killed solace in a jealous rage friday morning. >> the suspect thought that there was possibly something going on between either the father or the son. >> reporter: frederick solace hasn't been seen since his father was killed. knowing his history, police are concerned. and vallejo police tonight say though the past few days he did not have a known history of violence. just an arrest for being drunk in public. now, this case isn't over. police are still trying to figure out his connection to two more women found dead in vallejo. george kitiyama picks up the story from there. george? >> reporter: jean, investigators are back here at this house. you see a large truck that they've brought in. apparently they'll be bringing things out of this home and loading them onto the truck. investigators earlier found explosives and dynamite inside
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this home. but tonight there are a lot of questions about two bodies that were found inside and how this all connects to this growing case. vallejo police are trying to figure out if there's a connection between the chemicals and explosives and the two women who were found dead. >> at this point what his motive was, we don't know. >> reporter: we do know charles riddenhouse is a chemical engineer and has access to the chemicals. did he know the bodies were at home? one of them, the other, her friend, a 60-year-old. >> when he was confronted with the fact that the bodies were located in his residence, we believe he may have been involved. he did not react in a way we feel a normal person would react. >> reporter: detectives are trying to figure out how the women died and who killed them. >> that we're still working on. we haven't identified that. we're trying to solidify what
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charles rittenhouse is involved with the murder and efron, if he had any involvement. >> reporter: so far investigators have not found anything inside the car. i was just told the investigators would be donting all the items out of this home and into that truck by midnight. live in vallejo tonight, george kitiyamya. again, the man still missing is frederick solace. he is the son of the elderly man killed in hercules on wsaturday. stay with us for continuing coverage of the story. we are following developments closely overnight. and you can always go to for in-depth looks at the time line on this case. inch after near record-setting heat today, more heat is expected tomorrow. it might be smoking. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is looking at the warm-up.
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>> our temperatures are a huge indication of how warm we'll be getting tomorrow. some of our temperatures are where theshould be for daytime highs across the bay area. 76 in livermore at the current moment. 78 in san jose. 77 in san francisco. high pressure stays in tplace. so that's going to be an upper 60s to near 70 to start off thursday morning. and by 10:00 a.m., low to mid-80s for the east and sout bay. this has also prompted air quality we had a spare the air day in effect for tomorrow. details on how hot it will get in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, jeff. the stakes could not have been higher inle ka cal's race for the u.s. senate. in their only televised debate of the campaign, incumbent barbara boxer had one goal, to stop republican carly fiorina's momentum. the most recent poll from rasmussen showed fiorina had eliminated the boxer lead, pulling to within a single point. boxer's argument that no one who ships 30,000 jobs overseas should talk about creating jobs in california.
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fiorina fired back, blaming boxer for policies that are, quote, devastating the state. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is live where the debate was held earlier tonight and the campaigns are busy putting their spin on things, cheryl. >> reporter: that's right, tom. you know, this debate started the good old-fashioned way with a coin toss. senator boxer won the toss, but she let her opponent start the debate. >> and i am running for public office now because i, like so many of you, think our country is headed in the wrong direction. and i think the american dream is too hard for too many people. >> reporter: carly fiorina, laying the groundwork for the debate, wasting no time attacking incumbent senator barbara boxer. >> and the results of her policies are devastating for this state. >> reporter: when senator boxer got her turn, she did a counterattack on her opponent. shining a light on fiorina's record when she served as ceo of hewlett-packard. >> when she was ceo of hewlett-packard, before she was terminated, actually, she
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shipped 30,000 jobs overseas. think of it. that's the size of foster city. >> reporter: there was a variety of questions about the economy, jobs, the war, and immigration. >> you know, senator boxer's last two answers are a perfect illustration of her rhetoric versus the reality. >> every time you really get past the surface, you see my opponent fighting for the billionaires, for the millionaires, for the companies who ship jobs overseas. >> reporter: that was a constant theme for boxer. fiorina moving steady on the senator's record. >> she voted against body armor. she voted against support for brain trauma and posttraumatic stress syndrome. >> reporter: there were predictable themes. fiorina, pro-life, boxer, pro-choice. in the end, the two told the voters what they each wanted them to hear. >> i think the voters are very clear. they are concerned with jobs, where are they?
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they are concerned with out-of-control spending. >> i'm fighting for jobs every day. she had her chance. she shipped them overseas. >> reporter: there were about 150 people here tonight. political pundits also in the audience. they said that there were no winners or losers here tonight. they say that barbara boxer was on her game. but carly fiorina looked senatorial. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. the candidates for governor will also face off before the november election. tom brokaw will moderate a debate between meg whitman and jerry brown on october 12th. the debate will be aired live here on arrested at school. a pittsburg teacher yanked from his classroom suspected of downloading thousands of porn images of children. the 26-year-old is a teacher at an elementary school. contra costa sheriff's deputies
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arrested him after receiving a tip and raiding his home. there they say they found computers and hard drives filled with child porn. birsch was booked in the martinez detention facility with a $60,000 bail. >> it seems like with two kids, you're always overflowing with clothes. >> saving bay area families a bundle. the new company that promises free clothes and a way to clean up that clutter forever. but first tonight, taking a major step towards peace in the middle east. why prominent world leaders are in washington, d.c., tonight. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. plenty of mid to upper 70s. that's going to lead to a hot day tomorrow. by 10:00 a.m., low 80s in the south bay. find out when we will be below average yet again in our seven-day forecast. raj mathai, a lot going on. the sudden shake-up with the sharks. mike singletary scolding two of his star players for fighting,
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and then the big fight. why this bay area product lost hon ool. hold on for a wild ride. we'll see you in a few minutes. .
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the discovery channel hostage taker had ties to california. james lee who police shot and killed today was laid off from his san diego job back in 2008. earlier lee said it was then that he was inspired to save the planet. and apparently by any means. >> i have a gun. and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it, it -- i'll [ bleep ] explode. >> lee had been protesting at the discovery building for years saying they did more harm than help. the hostages are now safe and unharmed. he walked into the building in silver spring, maryland, at one point waving a gun and carrying explosives. a producer called the building when lee picked up the phone. here's part of that interview. >> so how long have you been
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working on this particular bomb? >> three weeks, around three weeks or a month. >> three weeks? >> i did a lot of research. i had to experiment. >> and how many bombs, again, do you have? >> i have several. >> he said he was also inspired by environmentalist novels and al gore's documentary "an inconvenient truth." in just a few hours, a major push for peace in the middle east will begin. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas are in washington tonight for peace talks. they will meet with president obama tomorrow. all three have publicly denounced the recent violence in the west bank. secretary of state hillary clinton will also be conducting peace talks. she'll meet with jordan's king abdullah and the president of egypt and former british prime minister tony blair. all of them hope to broker an agreement within a year. a south bay teenager today filed a civil rights lawsuit against the clothing chain
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abercrombie and fitch claiming that the store in milpitas discriminated against her. the 18-year-old claimed the manager refused to hire her because she wore a religious head scarf. abercrombie and fitch has not commented. the one is similar by a muslim job applicant in oklahoma. a bay area company has found a way to save parents time and money and help with the clutter in the kids' closets. nbc bay area's kris sanchez said so are the owners of a site that could be right for you. >> the baby is so big and getting bigger every day. so is her 5-year-old sister, juliana. and that means mom has a growing problem, too. >> it seems like with two kids, you're always overflowing with clothe. >> piles and piles of clothes that don't fit but still have life in them. borne of this problem, a national online children's clothing swap.
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>> as soon as you register as a user on, the company will send you flat-rate shipping boxes from the usps. you take the box, stuff it full of clothing and you list it on the threadup site. when someone chooses your box as a swap, the company will arrange for pickup, you print the label at home and leave it, the mailman picks it up. meantime, you can browse for the boxes that you want sent to you. the total cost, 13 bucks. >> basically once the kids are asleep, i'm watching my tv and i'm on the internet kind of searching. that's when i do my listing of boxes. i bring out all my old clothes, yeah. and i just roll them up and put them in a box. >> reporter: neighbors who join for free get a brief description. premium members can pay for more details like brands. but clothing that is unstained and unfaded, good enough to wear. only send what you'd be willing to get. don't and suffer a bad review that makes your swap less appealing.
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>> what we're finding already that 92% of those boxes that been rated three or four stars out of four. so the quality's been really exceptional. moms are generally the sort of core threadup member. and they play very nice. >> reporter: and it seems most moms like the concept. they've swaupted more than 5,000 boxes since april and the site is adding 1200 new members a month. for moms like carol, threadup is a perfect fit. >> you can do it all from home which is what i love as a busy mom. >> reporter: kris sanchez, bay area news. >> well, the ceo says the concept is popular enough that the company is putting together a costume swap in time for halloween. just around the corner. >> yeah. well, up, the temperature's up. steamy tomorrow again? >> totally. we're up 15 to 20 degrees today from yesterday. and we're going to go up even hotter for tomorrow. take a look here at today's highs. we had plenty of mid-90s here in the east bay. 95 in livermore.
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93 in gilroy. 94 in san jose. even 84 in san francisco. to the coastline. no relief from the fog. as you can see from the sunset tonight, we had fog-free conditions. actually, that beautiful sunset set off by some of the pollution in the atmosphere. so we are looking at another spare the air day here across the bay area into tomorrow. and take a look at this. these current temperatures right now, really unbelievable. we are right now above where we should be for our daytime high average in san francisco. it's 77. 76 in oakland. 76 in hayward. down here towards san jose, still close to 80. so nonetheless, we are looking at a very warm to hot day for tomorrow. fog-free conditions continuing to stay with us through the entire night. and for the coast and the bay tomorrow, mainly for the coast here, we're looking at widespread 70s and 80s. and starting to see this trend going down as we look ahead towards labor day weekend. but at least for right now, high
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pressure remains offshore. and it's not only because we're seeing these slight winds offshore that are helping to clear out the fog with this dome of hot air across the bay area is just so hot, it's helping to force some compressional heating down to the surface. that's why we'll see more 90s tomorrow, low 100s inland. coastline, it's still going to stay warm. another great beach day. the cooling fog will start to return and temperatures will begin to come down. 7:00 a.m., 70 in the east bay, by 10:00 a.m., very, very hot for that hour. 82 degrees. and mostly sunny skies. we'll start with plenty of low 70s here in the south bay, the warmest start across the bay area for tomorrow. also updating you on hurricane earl, expected to move by the carolinas tomorrow. it looks as if all models keep this offshore. but once again, a slight shift inland and the carolinas could be dealing with much more major potential damage here. so we'll continue to monitor this for you. meanwhile, back here at home tomorrow, plenty of mid to upper
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90s in the south bay. 95 in evergreen. 93 in san jose. 91 fremont. once again, potentially some isolated low 100s inland. still warm to hot for the peninsula. right into san francisco. 94, 95 in concord, 96 in fairfield. we'll see more temperatures close to 100 degrees in the north bay. more anytime on the weather channel on cable. and after we get over the hump of the heat tomorrow, we'll start to go down a little bit for friday. but still warm to hot. and then by saturday, sunday and monday for your labor day weekend, temperatures gradually go down to an expect the 78 inland monday. for those of you that want the fog back, that looks to come back for friday. so another dose of heat here. but we haven't had much this summer. >> we only have to get through one day, don't we? >> yes. >> and we're known around here for going to the beach anyway,
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although i don't know why we got that reputation. >> tomorrow is a beach day. >> all right. thanks, jeff. and coming up, giving the gift of shopping on facebook 37. re and spend viyort the stouarend spllenvirtuay.ll
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apple did what it does best today. it rolled out some new toys including one for your viewing pleasure. >> watch hollywood movies and tv shows in your living room whenever you want.
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as well as being able to stream content from netflix, many other places including your own computer. right on your tv. >> apple tv starts at $99. with it you can rent tv shows and movies. but tv isn't all apple is offering. the company also has a new line of ipods. download music on apple's new system, ping. the new shuffle starts at 49 bucks. the revamped ipod touch starts at $299. facebook blurring lines between the virtual world and the real one. starting sunday target will be selling facebook gift cards. they range from $15 to $50. it's real money for virtual purchases. mainly social games and applications. the company has more than 200 million people play games on facebook. well, a real good sign for the giants tonight, raj. >> we know it's a big game when we're all huddled around the television. >> we were, weren't we? >> it was a beautiful moment.
11:25 pm
i was holding his hand. tim lincecum and this guy. who is he? we'll explain. also, the big shake-up with the sharks' frontffic oe and th' r aleigoerw nd.te back in a moment. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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good evening. september 1st. thank goodness. two heroes at the ballpark tonight for the giants. one guy everyone knows. the other guy, who the heck is he? >> welcome to the big leagues, kid. >> lisa? darin ford just called up from aa richmond, arrived midway through the game. more with ford in a moment. here's tim lincecum after an 0-5 august, lincecum back in business, yeah, eight strong innings and nine strikeouts. bottom eighth now, here's the
11:28 pm
darren ford guy. a pinch runner. wild pitch. takes third base. then he takes off for home. that's the game-winning run. the dude was lightning quick. bruce bochy is a genius. the giants took the lead. every punching each other they were so excited. final out of the game. watch carefully, freddy sanchez, where is it? league-leading 38th save of the season. watch it again. giants win it, 2-1, they now trail the padres by just three games in the division. they remain 1 1/2 games out of the wild card. the a's now opposite end of the spectrum in new york. essentially this is the end of their season. in terms of any playoff hopes, i should say. their third straight loss to the yankees. brett anderson gives up a two-run single early in the game to mark teixeira. the a's made a nice comeback, but yankees win it, 4-3. the 49ers today making national news. teammates fighting is not out of
11:29 pm
the ordinary. but in this case, haye-profile teammates in each other's case. vernon davis and michael crabtree. they had to be separated after a verbal altercation at today's practice. >> they were both wrong. and we will not have distractions on this team. vernon just forgot temporarily. that that is not allowed. we don't do that. we don't treat family like that. we don't disrespect each other. >> where's the video of this fight? it was a closed practice to the media at the point of the fight. so there is no video that we know of. but it happened. and everyone moved on. it's been a rocky preseason for the niners, right? the fight, a holdout with franklin and a player quitting in coffey a few weeks ago. the season starts in about a week. the sharks full of surprises today. first and foremost, the well-respected architect of this franchise suddenly stepped down. after a hastefully arranged news conference this afternoon, greg jameson joined us on our 6:00 newscast.
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>> were you forced out in any way? did you feel any pressure to leave? >> no. i think, raj, what it really boils down to is i'm not leaving the sharks, per se. i'm stepping away from the day-to-day activity that i've been involved in for 14 1/2 years. >> hard to find someone who has a bad word to say about jameson. we wish him the best. as he steps down, the sharks pulled off this surprise. they have a new goaltender. he killed the sharks in the playoffs. you might remember that a couple months ago and then led the blackhawks to the stanley cup is now a member of the sharks. the deal will be official tomorrow morning. how about that. when we return now, bad, bad behavior. a guy who grew up in the bay area playing hockey using his old hockey fighting .ilsk a nt imemo. n
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here we go. as a kid, not that long ago, he was playing ice hockey in san jose. he got so good as a hockey player, he and his dad moved to canada as a teen to advance his care career. forget hockey. he's a baseball player. nyjer morgan of the nationals using his old hockey skills.
11:34 pm
this got pretty nuts. he charges the mound and swings away. florida's chris volstad already beaned morgan earlier in the game. he tried to do it again. he didn't succeed. and morgan says, you know what? that's not how we roll in the bay area where i grew up. >> oh! >> morgan and the marlins' pitcher will soon be suspended. i don't know if there's a point to any of this story other than -- >> well -- >> interesting video, isn't it? >> tom and i battle. >> that's how we roll. literally. we give in and roll out. >> who said it was sexy again? >> tmi. >> thanks, everybody. >> see you tomorrow.

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